Do I need to provide ID?

Yes, Company Directors and Shareholders with a stakeholding of 25% and above will need proof of ID – either a passport or driving license, a selfie and a recent utility bill. A scan or photograph is sufficient and can via uploaded via the online form provided for two-fold document verification. 

We can accept two documents from the following list, one from each list.

Photo identification – Proof of identity

  • Passport
  • Driving License (with photocard) National Identity Card
  • HM Forces Identity Card
  • A current student card 
  • Employment identification card 
  • Disabled drivers blue pass

Proof of address (provided both name and address is shown)

  • Gas or Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Water bill
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Council Tax bill
  • Bank / Building Society statement (includes credit card/ store card bill) TV license
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Pay slip
  • P45/P60 statement
  • Financial statement (e.g. pension, endowment) Current benefit book
  • Letter from Benefits Agency
  • HM Revenue and Customs Notice of Coding
  • Student hall of residence agreement or other proof of accommodation

International customers (Non-UK and Non-EU residents)

If you live outside the United Kingdom and European Union, your proof of identity and proof of residential address documents must be certified by a bank, financial institution, lawyer or notary.

Guide to certify documents

The following professional person or authority can certify documents:

  • The Hoxton Mix (You must visit our office with original documents)
  • Post office
  • Bank or building society official
  • Official councillor 
  • Minister of religion 
  • Dentist
  • Chartered accountant 
  • Solicitor or Notary 
  • Teacher or lecturer 
  • Local Town Hall 
  • Doctor

The following persons cannot certify documents:

  • Those related to you
  • Living at the same address; or In a relationship with you

How to certify a document?

You will need to take the photocopied and the original document and ask the professional person or authority to certify the copy by:

  • writing ‘Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me’ on the document
  • signing and dating it
  • printing their name under the signature
  • adding their occupation, address and telephone number