Yes. We will handle all your post and email you when it is ready to collect or simply forward it to you. Just [£15.00 per month]( with mail collection£25.00 per month with same day UK Mail Forwarding **or [£45.00 per month ]( same day scan and email.**

For £6.99 per month;%20[/php]) you may want to upgrade your Virtual Office package with our optional bolt-on 020 call forwarding package. You do not need any special technology to use our 020 numbers, simply forward you very own dedicated 020 London number to another land-line number or mobile.

The Hoxton Mix has a range of Virtual Office plans to suit your needs and budget.

**Virtual Office Collect**
£15.00 per month + VAT

**Virtual Office Forward**
£25.00 per month + VAT

**Virtual Office Scan**
£45.00 per month + VAT

**Virtual Office Phone**
£6.99 per month + VAT

**Virtual Office International**
£15.00 per month + VAT
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