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How do I edit my details?

If you need to update your information, follow these simple steps:

Login to Your Account:
Visit the Hoxton Mix Customer portal.
Enter your registered email address.

Verify Your Identity:
If your email is linked to a valid account, a magic link will be sent to your inbox.
Click on the magic link in your email to access your dashboard.

Once you're logged in, your customer portal provides you with a range of options to manage your account effectively:

Subscription Management: Easily manage your subscription, including upgrades and downgrades.
Delivery Address: Change the delivery address to ensure your mail reaches you accurately.
Payment Information: Update your payment information for seamless transactions.
Card Details: Make changes to your card details if needed.
Cancellation: If necessary, you can cancel your account.

Enjoy the convenience of adjusting your account details through your customer portal!

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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