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How do I port my phone numbers away from the Hoxton Mix?

How to Port Your Telephone Number Away from The Hoxton Mix

Contact Your New Provider: To begin the porting process, get in touch with the telecoms provider you wish to move your number to. Many telecoms providers will request that you complete a Letter of Authorisation (LOA).

Consider International Limitations: Remember that rules for telephone portability differ from one country to another. Not every country supports the porting of telephone numbers.

Initiate the Process with Us: To set the porting in motion, email us at with the following details:
Business name
Contact information
The telephone number you wish to port

Important Notes:

The Hoxton Mix charges a £15 (+VAT) administrative fee for porting telephone numbers. This fee covers the administrative tasks involved, liaising with telecoms providers, and assisting with the LOA.

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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