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Where is my Company Authentication Code!

Companies House usually sends out the Company Authentication Code within 5 - 10 days of requesting it. It can be easily rectified if you did not receive or misplaced it.

To reduce the risk of fraud, we only send authentication codes by post.

You'll need:
the company number
to sign in to or create a Companies House account, which is different from a WebFiling account

Steps to request Company Authentication Code:
Register for Companies House WebFiling (if you are not already registered )
Sign in to Companies House WebFiling
Select “Forgotten your authentication code?”
Select if the authentication code is for a Company or LLP, choose the company type and enter the company number, click “SUBMIT”
Confirm the details
The authentication code will then be posted to the company’s registered office

If you prefer, you can request an authentication code to be mailed to your home address..

**You should only use this service if you know the officer has given us their most recent home address. For security reasons, you cannot see or update the address in this service.**

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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